Measuring Guide

Basic Measurements

Body Part Description & Method of Measurement
Bust Measure all the way around the upper back and around the fullest part of the bust. Please include your cup size.
Waist Measure around the narrowest area between the bust and the navel.
Hips Measure around the hips at widest point.

Specific Measurements for Two-piece Suits
Type Description & Method of Measurement
Bra Top Height Measure from bottom edge (sliding string) to the top edge where strings attaches
Bra Top Width Measure the width of the bra top at widest point ( bottom edge)
Bottom- front Rise/Height Measure from the crotch/pantyline going to where your desired height is
Bottom- back Rise/Height Measure from crotch/pantyline going up to the taibone or your desired height
Bottom- back Width Measure the bottom back width at widest point; moderate back coverage is 7" to 7 1/2" width; please specify your desired width
Bottom- center front to center back Measure from center front, where bottom height starts to center back (above tailbone)

Specific Measurements for One-piece Suits
Type Description & Method of Measurement
Bust Width Measure across bust (at fullest point) from outside lines of your bust. This is the point where the width of the fabric would sit on your bust
Front torso Measure from the middle of the chest to the middle of the crotch/pantyline
Center Waist Width Measure your desired middle width of the suit above belly button
Bottom Back Width Measure the bottom back width at widest point; moderate back coverage is 7” to 7½” width; please specify your desired width
Bottom Back height Measure from crotch/pantyline up to above tailbone or your desired back rise

Women's Ready-Made Suits Sizing Chart


  Bust Waist Hips
XS 31”- 33”/ 79cm- 84cm 24”- 26”/ 61cm- 66cm 32”- 34”/ 81cm- 87cm
S 32”- 34”/ 81cm- 87cm 25”- 27”/ 63.5cm- 68.5cm 34”- 36”/ 87cm- 91.5cm
M 35”- 37”/ 89cm- 94cm 27.5”- 28.5”/ 70cm- 74cm 36.5”- 38”/ 93cm- 96cm
L 37.5”- 39”/ 95cm-99cm 28.5”- 30”/ 74cm- 76cm 38”- 40”/ 96cm- 102cm

Men's Ready-Made Suits Sizing Chart

  Waist Hips
S 28”- 30”/ 71cm- 76cm 35”- 37”/ 89cm- 94cm
M 32”- 34”/ 81cm- 86cm 38”- 40”/ 96cm- 102cm
L 36”- 38”/ 91cm- 96cm 42”- 44”/ 107cm- 112cm

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