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I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to the amazing team at Saleyla for designing such a beautiful and perfect suit for my very first NPC bikini competition. I ended up placing first in the unlimited bikini division class D and wanted to share a pic in my beautiful Saleyla suit!

Raquel Roldan
Another 1st place finish at Sacramento Pro this past weekend! Thank you again for another beautiful suite!

Nicole Darabi

I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful posing suits ever. I'm so glad I chose you for my first bikini competition and I'll be coming back to your store for more.

Greetings from Bulgaria,

Here is my custom designed Saleyla suit. I loved it! The white really stood out on stage. I placed 2nd out of 17 women. Thanks for the gorgeous suit!

Julia Lane

I just wanted to say Thank You for the amazing custom suit! It fit perfectly, the materials and fabric were very comfortable and I rocked it on stage!!

As a first time competitor I was very nervous about ordering my first suit but your customer service and immediate responses were very reassuring that I had picked the best!! AND I DID! I got many compliments at my first show and there wasn't a single suit on stage like mine!!

Last but not least I owe Saleyla for my Top Five Placement in Bikini Class C at The NPC Northern Kentucky Championship! Thank you again and I can't wait to order my next suit!

Chanel Isaac


Thank You ☺

Hayley Nasby


Hi Silvia,

Just wanted to say thank you for pulling my suit together so fast....I absolutely loved it! .See attached....

Have a great day!

Kathy Rutkowski


Linda Stephens

Hello Saleyla!
I am very pleased to say the suit you made for me was a STUNNER at my competition at the Governors Cup in Sacramento (product 569 double Chain). It is beautiful! I am also pleased to say that I won 1st place in it!

Sondra Blockman
Hi Sylvia,
Here is a picture of the contest, with your beautiful suit!!!!!
You're the best. For my next contest, you'll make for me another bikini.

Wish you a good day,

Alexa Faure
I recently started competing several months ago. I found saleyla online and took a chance.

The first suit I had made for me fit me like a glove. It couldn't have been any more perfect. The color, the design work, the fit was absolutely perfect. I chose a light colored suit and as you know tanning products can do some damage to a light colored suit. I used my first suit for my first several shows I competed in and then I ordered a second suit the same color and with more design work.

I had given the wrong measurements to Silvia so when I received the suit the bottoms weren't the size I needed them. I really wanted a new suit for the show I was competing in, which was only a couple days away! When I called to attempt to rectify the problem, Silvia was so sweet and made me new bottoms to the right measurements and had them shipped to my hotel as I wouldn't have been able to receive them at home due to the date of the competition being so close! There was no additional cost and she was more than happy to make my suit perfect, which it was. Now that is customer service.

In those very short 7 months I have since gone pro, ordered another suit from her and there are several other girls at my gym that have competed with saleyla suits and they have all been perfect. I couldn't ask for a better designer and would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about competing.

Brandi Navas
My suit arrived! There are no words to explain it! It is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined...it is a Perfect fit, and for the first time since I decided to enter this competition, my husband told me that that suit was all I needed to win. I cannot thank you enough...it is gorgeous, of the highest quality, and I was blessed to have you as my designer.

Hello Silvia,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful custom bikinis. They looked even more beautiful in person. I have passed your information on to many girls at my shows; some of which have already placed orders with you. Please feel free to add my photos to your site. I placed 1st in both the NPC East Coast Bikini Division as well as the NPC Eastern USA Bikini Division. I definitely had on the "winning suits".

Francesca Vitale

Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing suit! I've worn it now twice and plan to compete in June in NYC and plan to wear it again. I love your suits! Here's a pic from my last competition in the suit you made me. I placed top 6 in Figure. I have received so many complements on the suit and how well it fits. Thanks so much! Hope to get my next from you too!

Just wanted to share some more pictures. I love my suit and I have you to thank. I felt so beautiful and the suit made me look beautiful! Thank you so much.

I am a Marine so the boys of course thought I was HOT in Green:)))

Hi Silvia, the suit is amazing! Everybody loved it and I just got my Pro-Card:-) Thank you so much!!!

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